Nicholas Yang

Cathay Financial Holdings

Blockchain Council Speaker

Nicholas Yang

Blockchain Council - Blockchain 12/7/2021

Nicholas Yang, Head of Blockchain in DDT of Cathay Financial Holdings

Background of financial analyst and derivatives trader

  1. Cathay Life Insurance - Equity Research Analyst
  2. GCH hedge fund - Derivatives Traders specialized in index and commodity options
  3. Bididuo Crypto Exchange - CEO and co-founder
  4. Cathay Financial Holdings - Head of Blockchain -

Conduct the Cathay Financial Group's blockchain transformation

Build financial and non-financial consortiums on top of blockchain

Facilitate collaborations with fintech and blockchain start-ups

Cultivate subsidiaries' blockchain talents 


[How Blockchain Powers Financial Institutions to Innovate]

Objectives and Takeaways

  1. Banks Consortium Blockchain: Cathay provides blockchain infrastructures, chaincodes, Dapps, and APIs to competitor banks and build up interbank data exchange mechanism.
  2. Internet of Vehicle Blockchain: Collecting driving behaviors from drivers of Tesla under consents. Recruit banks and property insurance companies as blockchain nodes and coordinate financial services.

 Case Studies and Projects

  1. Bank consortium – Mitigation of risk by competitors’ support
  2. Internet of Vehicle on top of blockchain – transforming ownership of data