The “New” Workspace

CIO Council

November 18, 2021

CIOs and IT leaders need to exhibit adaptability and resilience, especially during times of disruption. Being forced to make extremely fast decisions with high levels of uncertainty requires the latest knowledge within the industry’s latest technologies. The CIO Vision Council is a virtual gathering for IT leaders to connect with peers and discuss challenges and solutions that will help their organisations to stay ahead of technology innovations, regulations and an ever-changing risk landscape.


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November 18, 2021


All times Central European Time (CET)
3:00 PM-4:15 PM
The “New” Workspace

In the post pandemic era, remote employment is the new status quo. Employers are forced to implement and improve the digital workplace by providing productivity tools and accessibility to company resources. In this session, we will share case studies of successful digital workplace implementations, including how to deal with the inherent security risks of expanded accessibility to company resources.


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