Testing the Limits of Possibility

CIO Council

June 29, 2023 - National

Speakers & Visionaries

Mike Donovan Sauce Labs
Mike Donovan

Head of Product

Sauce Labs

Council Speaker

Mike Donovan is Head of Product at Sauce Labs, where he oversees the development of the Sauce Labs Platform for Test. Starting his career as a Software Engineer 15 years ago, Mike has built web and mobile applications for the likes of Mastercard, Comcast, and Verizon. He then set his sights on entrepreneurship, helping scale Engineering, Product, and Design for startups in Washington, DC. At Sauce Labs, Mike has found a home building the next generation of developer tools as well as creating a great product culture. When he is not at work you can find him brewing beer, mountain biking, or chasing his kids around the house.

Nancy Selph Avellino Lab
Nancy Selph


Avellino Lab

Council Speaker

As Avellino’s Head of Information Technology, Nancy leads the digital technology and engineering teams who are creating the company’s next generation genomics data processing and analytics service for executing artificial intelligence with big data batch and streaming functionalities built to accelerate scientific discovery. Nancy is a customer and employee focused business leader with more than 30 years of experience in organizational transformation, innovation, infrastructure operations, architecture process design, and product/project management. Most recently, Nancy served as an SVP level executive at Wells Fargo responsible for implementing and managing their Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. Nancy has also served as an executive at Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Thomson Reuters, and Tibco. Extensive hands-on experience derived from overseeing organizational transformation by building innovative infrastructure and IT architecture process design has brought about innovative solutions. My commitment to exceeding client expectations of business innovation is reflective of developing complex products and aligning project initiatives that streamline finance, market data, and technology operations. Collaborative efforts that have forged significant partnerships across technology organizations bring next generation platforms to sustain start-up, established, and rapid-growth business needs in the ever-evolving competitive

Ivan Durbak Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center
Ivan Durbak


Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center

Council Speaker

Ivan Durbak is CIO at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. In this role he leads an IT organization that supports the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center community, including two major hospitals, two nursing homes, a large emergency room and a large clinic ambulatory environment that sees nearly one million patients a year

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Testing the Limits of Possibility

We are at the ground floor of a new innovation curve—the breakthrough of modern AI—that blows past previous limits of what’s possible to build with software. This, coupled with its overlap with the mobile revolution, create an unprecedented moment, and software leaders must build a new set of practices around software development to embrace exponential increases in innovation, but without sacrificing the quality of customer experience that’s table stakes in a post-mobile world. In this talk, Aled Miles, CEO of Sauce Labs, former CEO of Telesign and executive committee member at Symantec, will leverage his expertise leading companies at the forefront of these two overlapping innovation cycles to document and explore the convergence of consumer expectations, digital transformation, and innovation in artificial intelligence. Culminating in a “call to arms,” a rally cry, for other executives across all industries and categories to think hard about their software development philosophy and how they will deliver quality customer experiences in an uncharted environment, or suffer the consequences of irrelevance.

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