Key Considerations for GenAI in the Enterprise

Executive Dinner

July 16, 2024 - San Jose, CA


JP Player Cloudera
Jean-Philippe Player

Field CTO



Mr. Jean-Philippe Player brings 20 years of experience in the software industry. He has been at Cloudera since 2012 and serves as Field CTO, where he has been helping our customers with their data and analytics strategy, data management, and enterprise AI platforms. Prior to Cloudera, he has worked with multiple startups in the network security, data federation and application integration space. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oxford University.

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Key Considerations for GenAI in the Enterprise

Data leaders tell us that deploying GenAI models in enterprise environments involves navigating several complex data management challenges. Join us for an open conversation where you’ll have the opportunity to share your perspective on successfully deploying and seeing value from GenAI. Bring along your experiences as we discuss essential topics like data integration, AI infrastructure, model control and governance, cost management, and more. We'll explore strategies for building a unified data platform for analytics and AI, the importance of a modular approach to AI, balancing scalability and cost-efficiency with hybrid architectures, and ensuring security and compliance. You’ll gain insights into optimizing your GenAI initiatives for impactful business outcomes.

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