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June 6, 2024 - Boston, MA


Arundhati Biswas National Grid Energy Services
Arundhati Biswas

Strategy & Business Operations Director, IT

National Grid Energy Services

Think Tank Speaker

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in London, UK, National Grid is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company. National Grid is transforming electricity and natural gas networks with energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK and the US.

Tomas Persson Omegapoint
Tomas Persson



Think Tank Speaker

A seasoned professional in security, risk, and privacy.

Tony Parrillo Schneider Electric
Tony Parrillo

VP, Enterprise IT Global Head of Security

Schneider Electric

Think Tank Speaker

Experienced and passionate cybersecurity leader. Responsible for all facets of cyber security to Schneider Electric's enterprise IT, encompassing approximately 140,000 employees in 100 countries, including 220 factories, 35 distribution centers, and 1,200 sites

Aslam Merchant Kaiser Permanente
Aslam Merchant

VP, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Chief Architect

Kaiser Permanente

Think Tank Speaker

Merchant is an Executive Technologist, thought leader, Visionary & Chief Architect combining strategic planning with pragmatic approaches to meet enterprise short term and long-term goals with Over 25 years of leadership experience in IT spanning, Health Care, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Finance, Insurance and Retail industries. While heading Enterprise Architecture for Kaiser Permanente IT, he helped transform EA to proactively drive business outcomes using technology and show concrete value as opposed to being a reactive governance organization. His successfully drove vertical and horizontal technology strategies, digital transformation, technology standardization, rationalization and modernization, platform and cloud architecture, data, AI, innovation, architecture governance, and cross domain technology solutions. He sat on Kaiser Permanente’s core Digital Leadership Team and chaired both the Innovation Budget Sub-committee and Architecture Advisory Board. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Merchant served in IT and strategy leadership roles spanning architecture to product delivery and is adept at leading large-scale efforts from inception to production. He has worked as vice president of Enterprise Architect for FM Global, an international commercial property insurer, vice president and chief architect for Fidelity Investments, and has served as chief architect for CVS Health Retail Pharmacy. He also has worked in leadership roles for MIT startups and large consulting firms such as Deloitte & Touche.  He believes in using technology to solve business problems and at times to lead the business using innovative technology. He encourages pragmatic, agile delivery which yields solid business outcomes in alignment with strategic goals. He is adept at driving architecture transformation to be ‘outcome focused’, ‘action oriented’ and ‘value driven.’ He champions AI driven consumer experiences, modernized, resilient technology and a digital first outlook. Merchant is passionate about human rights and pluralism and has served in leadership roles for several non-profit organizations. He enjoys writing leadership and technology articles, as well as essays, poems, and slogans. He has won the first prize for writing a slogan for a major airline. He received a double bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from Bombay University followed by a Post Graduate diploma in Software Engineering. He then went on to pursue an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Most recently he graduated from Chief Technology Officer Executive Program at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in Dec 2023.

Larry Monuteaux Rockhill Management
Larry Monuteaux

Vice President & Manager, Technology

Rockhill Management

Think Tank Speaker

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Rockhill Management is a property services management company that serves commercial and residential properties in gateways cities throughout the United States.

Todd Foley
Todd Foley


Lydonia Technologies

Think Tank Speaker

Todd Foley is Lydonia Technologies Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. Todd is responsible for Lydonia Technologies’ Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Intelligent Automation, Business Consulting and Security Professional Service offerings. Todd is committed to bringing innovation to Lydonia’s strategic client partners to help them transform and thrive as AI-enabled Enterprises. Todd has 20+ years of technical and professional services experience and his background has included working with a broad breadth of client environments and technical platforms as a professional services leader and business and management consultant specializing in M&A integration.

Phillip Miller
Phillip Miller



Think Tank Speaker

Formerly CISO at NetApp, and prior to that a Principal in AWS, heading up Executive Security Advisory. Phillip has also served as the Head of Infrastructure and Chief Information Security Officer at Brooks Brothers, Inc, as well as similar roles at Payless ShoeSource, and Sappi. Phillip has led large enterprise ERP projects, overseen cloud security design for 20 of the Fortune 100, and designed new approaches to achieve compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and FedRAMP. He holds his BA and MA in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford.



Hawk Areospace

Think Tank Speaker

Hawk Aerospace provides a full range of Aviation & Aerospace related services. The Company is focused on: Aerospace Educational Projects, Specialized Project Management, Pilot Deployment Services for Mapping, Inspection, Surveillance & Delivery systems. Hawk Aerospace has been developing and implementing new technology in the Aviation and Aerospace Sector for more than a decade and in 2020 launched its UAV Division. The UAV Division is rapidly manufacturing and deploying drone technologies and targeting agriculture globally to support crop health with monitoring and deployment of essential elements to support healthy crops. Radha brings to the enterprise double digit years of successfully evaluating and implementing new technologies and teams globally.

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Morning Networking

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Opening Remarks

9:40 AM-10:05 AM

Exceeding Customer Expectations in a Digital First World

Many enterprises have accelerated their shift to a digital-first world, and customers now expect a seamless and personalized experience across all channels. In this session, we discuss how to modernize your infrastructure to meet the demands of a digital economy. We will cover the challenges and opportunities of hybrid infrastructure, the importance of the edge, how to use technology to exceed customer expectations, and how an overarching strategy is a must in a digital first world.

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10:10 AM-10:55 AM
Keynote Panel

CIO and CISO Nexus: Mastering the Art of Business-Technology Harmony

Bridging the gap between business and technology is not easy and requires discipline and balance between technology, people, and business. For so many organizations today, technology is the business. Technology needs to be understood as a critical enabler in every part of the organization from the front line to the back office. It creates new value by crunching data to deliver new insights, it spurs innovation, and it disrupts traditional business models.

For business and technology leaders alike, new actions and behavioral changes can help their organizations make this shift. CIOs and CISOs must take responsibility for problems, they should convey that when technology fails, many people typically share responsibility.

10:35 AM-10:55 AM

Coffee Break

10:55 AM-11:40 AM

Navigating the Cyber Frontier: CISO Strategies for Effective Risk Management

In the context of effective cyber risk management, the challenge lies in keeping up with evolving technology, particularly during cloud or technology transformations. The adoption of threat intelligence,GenAI, the metaverse, and machine learning presents both opportunities and challenges, with a need for technology leaders to grasp the security implications. While these technologies enhance cyber risk management, they also offer efficiencies through task automation. Striking a balance between risks and rewards is crucial for gaining trust and staying competitive. Looking forward, organizations must explore innovative approaches to cyber risk management, emphasizing resilience against third-party risks. Collaboration with the leadership team is essential to take an enterprise-wide view of current and future threats, develop action plans, safeguard critical assets, and facilitate quick recovery. Early collaboration with the executive team is encouraged to integrate risk management into transformation strategies and extract maximum benefits from emerging technologies.

11:45 AM-12:00 PM

Test Data Unleashed: Shifting Left Your Data for Strategic Success in the Digital Landscape

In a world where software development races towards unprecedented automation and efficiency, the spotlight turns to an often-overlooked hero: Test Data Management (TDM). The recent acquisition of Delphix by Perforce not only marks a significant milestone in enterprise data management but also heralds the dawn of a new era for TDM. This evolution is driven by the critical need for real, live production data in testing environments, pushing TDM into the limelight as the cornerstone of accelerating software development and deployment cycles. You're invited to explore the transformative impact of TDM on the software development landscape, emphasizing its pivotal role in crafting robust, reliable, and market-ready software solutions. Dive into an exploration of how TDM platforms are bridging the gap between theoretical testing and real-world chaos, are not only shaping the future of software testing but are redefining the essence of quality assurance in the digital age.

12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Lunch & Disruptor Showcase

12:40 PM-12:55 PM
Lunch & Disruptor Showcase

Elevating Agility: The Strategic Imperative for CIOs in Prioritizing Cloud Engineering

In this session, we delve into the imperative for CIOs to prioritize cloud engineering in the contemporary digital landscape. As organizations increasingly rely on cloud computing for operational efficiency and innovation, CIOs play a central role in shaping robust strategies. The session emphasizes the strategic importance of cloud engineering in optimizing infrastructure, ensuring scalability, and fostering agile application development. Attendees will explore practical approaches to resource management, automation, and aligning cloud initiatives with overarching business goals. The discussion navigates the evolving realm of cloud technologies, highlighting how CIOs can strategically prioritize cloud engineering to drive competitiveness and resilience in the dynamic digital ecosystem.

1:00 PM-1:45 PM

Unleashing Innovation: CIOs Driving New Business Models through Scalable GenAI

In this dynamic session, we explore the symbiotic relationship between business evolution and the strategic role of Chief Information Officers. Focused on scaling generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) for new business models, the discussion delves into how CIOs can harness the transformative power of AI to drive innovation and reshape business paradigms. Participants will gain insights into practical approaches for integrating scalable GenAI solutions, exploring its potential to revolutionize operational efficiency, customer engagement, and overall competitiveness. The session places a spotlight on the pivotal role of CIOs in navigating the intersection of technology and business strategy, showcasing how they can spearhead initiatives that propel organizations into the next frontier of success.

1:50 PM-2:25 PM
Fireside Chat

Ransomware and Cyber Readiness

Ransomware attacks are in the headlines, affecting businesses and individuals in all sectors. Through 2024, these attacks have continued to grow, resulting in significant financial losses, data theft, and reputational damage. Even businesses that have achieved a level of cybersecurity compliance remain at risk unless they have understood what impact a ransomware attack really means in the context of their business.

The good news? When you have identified how to protect your business from a ransomware attack you have already defined what needs to be done to reduce your total cyber risk exposure across all levels of attack. Ransomware might be the most reported attack, but is nowhere near the most expensive or damaging cyber attack you might face.

2:25 PM-2:45 PM

Networking Break

2:45 PM-3:00 PM

Building Cyber Fortitude: CISO Strategies for Resilient Cybersecurity

In the realm of building cyber resilience, organizations confront increased risk exposure amidst bold moves and evolving external challenges. Despite investments in technology and data, risk leaders, including CISOs, express difficulty in keeping pace with the persistent threat of cyber crises. However, in today's business landscape, discussions of digital transformation or reinvention are inseparable from considerations of cybersecurity. Looking ahead, stakeholders, from the board to frontline cybersecurity operations, pose critical questions about resiliency. This includes inquiries about the adequacy of efforts to safeguard the company and its customers in the face of cyber attacks. The focus shifts to identifying opportunities to minimize the impact on business and shareholder value through effective threat response. Embracing cybersecurity as a whole-of-business endeavor, organizations are urged to align themselves with business owners, adapting to changes in the cyber landscape and fortifying resilience against disruptions. Building confidence in the cybersecurity program becomes paramount in navigating the dynamic and challenging cyber landscape effectively.

3:05 PM-3:20 PM
Vision Voices

Fostering Digital Trailblazers: A Strategic Imperative for CIOs in 2024

Addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by CIOs in the contemporary technological landscape, the imperative to develop transformational leaders takes center stage. The heightened demand for innovation, enterprise-wide transformation, and evolving technology capabilities poses significant hurdles for CIOs, often leading to an overburdened IT department. To navigate this complexity, the focus shifts towards fostering digital transformation leaders, referred to as digital trailblazers. Gartner highlights leader and manager development as a top priority for HR in 2024, emphasizing the need for CIOs to collaborate with HR in tapping into training and development programs. By cultivating leaders skilled in transformation and change management, CIOs can enhance their department's capacity to oversee initiatives, standardize platforms, and deliver faster results, ultimately reducing friction to change within the organization. Looking ahead to 2024, this strategic approach becomes essential for CIOs seeking to strike the right balance in their digital transformation programs, avoiding the pitfalls of overpromising and under delivering.

3:25 PM-4:00 PM
Fireside Chat

Gen AI - The Hype, The Story & The Cybersecurity

GenAI, a revolutionary innovation in the world of artificial intelligence, has garnered immense attention and hype in recent years. Its story is one of rapid evolution and limitless potential, as it promises to transform industries, enhance decision-making processes, and revolutionize the way we interact with technology. However, amid the excitement, the role of cybersecurity becomes paramount. With GenAI's ever-expanding capabilities, the need for robust cybersecurity measures is essential to safeguard against potential risks and vulnerabilities. As we continue to unlock the possibilities of GenAI, the fusion of its incredible power with stringent cybersecurity practices will be the key to a safer and more promising future.

4:25 PM-4:30 PM

Closing Remarks & Raffle Giveaway

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Cocktail Hour

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