The Future of Marketing: Building Secure, Seamless Experiences

Executive Dinner

December 6, 2023 - New York, NY

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Amy Holtzman CHEQ
Amy Holtzman




As Chief Marketing Officer at CHEQ, the leader in go-to-market security, Amy Holtzman understands the motivation of malicious actors online and how they can come to drain advertising budgets, pollute marketing funnels, and poison CRMs. Previously the CMO and Head of Marketing at Spring Health, AlphaSense and Splash, Amy's passion for continuous learning, building high-performing teams in high-growth environments, and exceptional, data-driven marketing & communications motivate her wherever she steps in.

Marc Jacobs CHEQ
Marc Jacobs




Marc Jacobs is the Chief Revenue Officer at CHEQ. Recently recognized with Pavilion’s CRO Lifetime Achievement Award, Marc is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of expertise in leading high-performance sales teams across diverse landscapes. As CHEQ’s Chief Revenue Officer, his mastery spans sales leadership, strategic planning, team cultivation, and multichannel sales management in startups, SaaS, and cloud technology. His visionary leadership consistently surpasses goals, orchestrating market expansion and sustained growth.

Edwin Choi CHEQ
Edwin Choi

SVP, Global Customer Success



Edwin Choi, the SVP of Global Customer Success at CHEQ, is a seasoned leader in scaling SaaS companies with a strong focus on data-driven solutions. Edwin's expertise lies in leveraging technology and data for customer-centric growth strategies, shaping success for leading organizations. Edwin previously held influential roles at tech and advertising giants like Salesforce Datorama and Interpublic Group (IPG).


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5:30 PM-9:00 PM

The Future of Marketing: Building Secure, Seamless Experiences

As customers increasingly rely on digital channels, malicious actors seek to exploit them. The customer experience is paramount in driving engagement, growth, and trust, and CMOs must harness the power of data, technology, and collaboration to address evolving customer needs and vulnerabilities. During this dinner, we'll discuss why seamless and secure experiences are not mutually exclusive, how CMOs can safeguard brand loyalty, and more.

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