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CIO Vision Summit

March 16, 2021

It has never been more necessary for leaders to exhibit adaptability and resilience. Being forced to make quick decisions with high levels of uncertainty requires the latest knowledge in the industry’s leading technologies.

The CIO Vision Summit is an executive-level private gathering that provides a platform for the nation's greatest IT thinkers to collaborate on current industry challenges and trends. Join an elite group of executives to develop, implement and capitalize on innovation through keynotes, fireside chats, panels and innovation roundtable engagements. Leave equipped with the knowledge of a community as collaboration is our strongest asset.

March 16, 2021

CIO Vision Summit Topics

Navigating 3rd Party Risk
Filling the Talent Void
The Greatest Fears?
Technology Supply Chain
Being Effect... Securely
AI and ML: Using Emerging Technologies to Reinforce Security Defense Efforts
Path Management and Endpoint Protection
Data Security: Cloud Computing, Mobility and Regulations


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9:00 AM-9:30 AM

What’s AI Doing for You?

Often, the terms "Artificial Intelligence" and "Advanced Machine Learning" are thought of interchangeably and while there is a relationship between AI and AML, to say they are the same thing is an oversimplification and misclassification. Rather the one begets the other with AI being the basic principle upon which AML is developed. As AI begins to mature and migrate away from purely advanced mathematical operations into decision making paradigms, AML steps forward as the predictive ability of machines to process vast quantities of data for the purposes of making decisions in ways that first mimic, but ultimately surpass (in terms of speed at the very least) those of humans. As data and analytics becomes foundational to the way every business operates, AI and AML will become foundational capabilities.

9:35 AM-10:25 AM
Keynote Panel

Enhancing Your Edge

Edge computing is computing topology in which the content collection and delivery are placed closer to their endpoints. The goal of edge computing is to keep the traffic and processing local to eliminate delays and reduce traffic. Currently, edge computing is being driven by IoT and requires processing to be close to the end rather than on a centralized cloud server. However, rather than creating brand new architecture, cloud computing and edge computing will evolve into centralized service executing on centralized servers, on-premises servers and on the edge devices themselves. 

10:35 AM-11:20 AM
Fireside Chat

The Great Talent Void

While new technology and solutions can help CIOs make more, faster, and better decisions for an organization, nothing will take the place of a highly talented workforce. CIOs need to be great recruiters of talent but even more importantly grow the skills and capabilities of their team providing engaging and challenging opportunities for people. Competitive compensation is important for retaining great talent but so is a work environment where individual growth and development are front of mind and not an afterthought. 

11:25 AM-11:55 AM
Vision Voices

Building Solutions by Finding Problems

Disruption alters, destroys, but also creates value. You realize the need to act once revenue starts to shift, which is happening at a faster pace than most would think. Disruption can be a great thing if you act upon it, but it is a threat if you watch idly. We will discuss how CIOs and CISOs can be proactive and act on disruption by figuring out how to identify, prioritize and respond.

12:45 PM-1:40 PM
Vision Keynote Panel

The “New” Workspace

Employees are consumers of digital technologies such as IoT, AR and VR. The plethora of mobile devices has enabled them to work where they want and when they want which has raised the bar on employee expectations for tools and capabilities from their employers. For companies to retain the best and get the most out of their employees, it is vital to design and continually update the digital workplace. We will discuss the current trends as well as share case studies of successful digital workplace implementations.