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It is imperative for leaders in healthcare to execute a strategic vision. With increasing competition and constant innovation, leaders must have a strong understanding of how to advance business in a world of change. Join our community of visionary healthcare leaders at our upcoming events to discuss these issues and more.


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Over the years I’ve been a CISO at large financial institutions and I know first hand that technology does not solve cybersecurity concerns alone. We need partnerships, we need relationships that stand the test of time and that is really what our partnership with C-Vision International is all about. It’s about having that dialogue with CISOs around the world, developing the relationships that are durable over time. That’s what creates value for the organizations and that’s what creates value for us as a business. We are proud to partner with C-Vision.

Karl Mattson
Karl Mattson

CISO, Noname Security

The biggest take away from today’s event is that there are a number of vendors who have some really good solutions out there which would help organizations understand a bit more about their cybersecurity posture and its application across different industries.

Fox Ahmed
Fox Ahmed

Global Head of Cybersecurity, BNP Paribas