Accelerating the Value of Gen AI Across the Pharma Value Chain

Executive Dinner

August 20, 2024 - Princeton, NJ


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August 20, 2024


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5:30 PM-9:00 PM

Accelerating the Value of Gen AI Across the Pharma Value Chain

Join us for an exclusive dinner hosted to explore the transformative power of generative AI (Gen AI) in the life sciences industry. This event will bring together leaders in R&D and commercial operations for a candid discussion on harnessing Gen AI to drive value and innovation across the pharma value chain. We will address the practical implementation of Gen AI, focusing on its deployment for content creation and text synthesis within pharmaceutical enterprises. Additionally, we'll share insights from our analysis on the $1.4-2.2B opportunity for large pharma in scaling digital solutions and how Gen AI can accelerate these opportunities. Key challenges in enterprise enablement and domain customization will also be discussed to ensure a smooth transition to AI-driven processes. Join us to validate your Gen AI experiences, share strategic roadmaps, and develop credible approaches for successful implementation within your organizations.

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