Unlock the Value of Cloud Investments

Executive Dinner

July 9, 2024 - New York, NY


July 9, 2024


All times Eastern Time

5:30 PM-9:00 PM

Unlock the Value of Cloud Investments

With large, global companies moving a higher percentage of workloads to the cloud, FinOps has become a critical cloud cost management discipline. AI/ML-fueled innovations have also created the need for more advanced computing architectures and added to the levels of complexity companies face when trying to extract as much value as possible from their IT investments and, increasingly, their cloud spend.

Join us for this executive roundtable to learn how sourcing, procurement, and IT finance executives can use FinOps tools, in addition to technology business management (TBM) solutions, to ensure that they are not only managing growth in cloud spend from an absolute perspective but gaining clarity on their options beyond cost management – namely growth and innovation. With this insight, they can better evaluate the potential value of projects involving next-generation technology – like genAI – that will be moving from PoC to production in 2024 and beyond

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