Accelerating Development with AI

Executive Dinner

May 22, 2024 - Chicago, IL


Daniel Cosey
Daniel Cosey

SVP of Technology

Brightstar Care


Founded in 2002, BrightStar Care is a national home care and medical staffing franchise that provides the full range of home care services. The company's headquartered in Gurnee, Illinois.

May 22, 2024


All times Central Time

5:30 PM-9:00 PM

Accelerating Development with AI

AI tools have transformed nearly every aspect of the software development lifecycle, significantly enhancing developer efficiency and productivity. As organizations continue to make investments in AI, CxOs need to ensure that these investments have real ROI potential, and deliver visible improvements to code quality and velocity. How should leaders think about building the AI tool stack for high-growth engineering teams? How do other organizations approach the “buy vs build” dilemma? This session explores the implications of AI tools on delivery, team dynamics, AI compliance, and overall SDLC efficiency.

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