In Cyber Security, is Prevention Better Than the Cure?

CISO Dinner

March 30, 2023 - London, UK
March 30, 2023


All times United Kingdom Time

6:00 PM-9:30 PM

In Cyber Security, is Prevention Better Than the Cure?

How can organisations stay ready to defend against cyber threats, so they don’t have to respond in a rush? In a world of increasingly damaging cyber attacks, organisations need effective strategies to stay ahead of threats and drive a proactive security posture. But the nature of the threats can be hard to measure. How can you manage what you don’t know? How can you secure what you don’t manage? Organisations need to ask key questions. What assets do we have? What is running on our IT estates? What goes in and out of our network? These are hard questions to answer. But to keep safe, visibility is key. We need to know what we look like to an attacker if we are to defend ourselves. Only with this knowledge can we maintain readiness to respond to new and unexpected dangers.

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