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March 27, 2024 - New York, NY


Esther Mireya Tejeda


Anywhere Real Estate Inc.

Think Tank Speaker

Esther-Mireya Tejeda is the Chief Marketing Officer of Anywhere Real Estate Inc. In her role, she leads all marketing functions across enterprise marketing strategy, performance and growth marketing, digital marketing operations, consumer research and insights, as well as brand strategy and creative. Most recently, Tejeda was the Chief Marketing Officer at SoundExchange, where she transformed the company's go-to-market strategy and rebranded the organization as part of its larger business growth strategy. Prior to SoundExchange, Tejeda was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Entercom (now Audacy), where she led the marketing communications transformation of the company during its 2017 acquisition of CBS Radio. Tejeda has also held branding and communications roles at Univision, PepsiCo, and Diageo. Tejeda currently chairs the Women in Tech & Product group at Anywhere and is on the board of directors for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. She is also a member of the board of governors for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Tejeda earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Master of Fine Arts from The New School, and an executive certificate in Financial Analytics and Change Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is fluent in Spanish and a proud New York City native.

Michelle Crecca

SVP Marketing


Think Tank Speaker

CBRE Group, Inc. operates as a commercial real estate services and investment company worldwide. It operates through Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Asia Pacific; Global Investment Management; and Development Services segments. The company offers strategic advice and execution to owners, investors, and occupiers of real estate in connection with leasing; integrated property sales, and mortgage and structured financing services under the CBRE Capital Markets brand; and valuation services that include market value appraisals, litigation support, discounted cash flow analyses, and feasibility studies, as well as consulting services, such as property condition reports, hotel advisory, and environmental consulting. It also provides facilities management, project management, transaction management, and strategic consulting services to occupiers of real estate; and property management services comprising construction management, marketing, building engineering, accounting, and financial services for owners/investors in office, industrial, and retail properties. In addition, the company provides investment management services under the CBRE Global Investors brand to pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, endowments, and other institutional investors; and development services under the Trammell Crow Company brand name primarily to users of and investors in commercial real estate. CBRE Group, Inc. was founded in 1906 and is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Vildan Oenpeker-Cerci

SVP, Marketing Consumer Brands (North America)


Think Tank Speaker

Founded in 1876, Henkel is a German chemical and consumer goods company. The company is organized into three globally operating business units, Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies. The company does business worldwide and is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Rick Haring

SVP, Marketing & Communications

SOS International

Think Tank Speaker

SVP, Marketing, Communications & Account Management with International SOS. Rick is responsible for leading the strategy and execution for marketing communications and lead generation initiatives in North America. Before joining International SOS, Rick was Vice President, Digital Marketing at Prudential Center & New Jersey Devils responsible for strategy, operations and execution across the digital ecosystem. Previously, Rick served in several roles of increasing responsibility at Verizon & Verizon Wireless. Rick brings an extensive background and long history in the field of Marketing and Sales for leading brands. With over 20 years of experience, his knowledge of Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy, Lead generation, CRM and Customer Loyalty, Content Strategy and Creation, Online Sales Growth and SEO/SEM and Social Media Strategy are an asset to the organization. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Rutgers University.

Michael Baer



Think Tank Speaker

Michael is a growth-focused fractional CMO with over 30 years of marketing and operational leadership, and a track record of driving strategic insight, superior creativity, and executional excellence. Michael leverages his diverse end-to-end experience to help companies turn their marketing into a greater value driver for their organization. After years running marketing for companies from Fortune 500’s to SMB’s and start-ups, he is now a fractional CMO, consulting with companies of all sizes to create more powerful consumer-driven brands, professionalize and transform their marketing, and initiate and innovate their GTM approaches. Michael’s also a writer, musician, home cook and mixologist, gardener, tennis player, and all-around-Jeffersonian (he even went to the University of Virginia). He’s also an industry thought-leader who came up with the term “Stratecution” — a concept that aligns strategy, execution, people, operations, and technology around a holistic marketing approach to accelerate growth.

Valerie Nifora

Global Marketing Leader


Think Tank Speaker

Valerie Nifora has served as a Marketing and Communications Leader for Fortune 500s for over 25 years. Her love of strategy and storytelling has earned her more than twenty awards for both professional achievements and written works. Her business book, Unleash the Power of You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Personal Brand debuted as a #1 new release on Amazon and was a recent recipient of a global award.

Irene Sibaja

Director of Global Partnerships

Treasure Data, Inc.

Think Tank Speaker

Irene Sibaja is Director of Global Partnerships at Treasure Data, a leading enterprise Consumer Data Platform (CDP) provider. She joined Treasure Data in May 2022 bringing a wealth of experience in retail strategy and data analytics. Irene is passionate about driving amazing customer experiences, and has used this focus to drive innovative ROI solutions across diverse organizations including 7-Eleven, Sam’s Club and NIQ. Irene has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in English Literature from Rice University. Outside of work, she is a self-professed gym junkie, amateur chef and mother of two.

March 27, 2024


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Morning Networking

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Opening Remarks

9:40 AM-10:05 AM
Vision Voices Keynote

The CMO Dilemma

Big swings in consumer expectations, influences, and drivers have impacted anyone in the business of relating to people—most especially those in marketing. The modern CMO is grappling with intense pressure to drive growth, meet changing demands for business transformation, keep up with the complexity in the broader marketing space—all while being customer centric in a shifting environment. How do lead marketers stay on top of ever-changing consumer expectations to drive their business?

In this keynote, Esther-Mireya Tejeda, renowned transformation leader, will discuss how to look beyond traditional consumer insights to tap into the why behind human behavior, to keep up with the ever-changing customer and how these insights are at the root of the CMO’s unique expertise within the C-suite

10:10 AM-10:55 AM
Keynote Panel

Elevating Experiences: The CMO's Guide to Harnessing AI for Unparalleled Customer Engagement

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on customer experience. In this dynamic discussion, we will unravel the strategic integration of AI technologies to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Delve into practical insights on leveraging AI to personalize marketing strategies, optimize customer journeys, and create seamless, data-driven interactions. Discover how leading-edge AI applications can empower CMOs to cultivate deeper connections with their audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive marketing innovation in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This session is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of AI for unparalleled customer engagement and brand success.

10:55 AM-11:15 AM

Coffee Break

11:15 AM-11:40 AM

Marketing in the Age of Digital Disruption: Strategies for CMOs to Thrive Amidst Change

This keynote will address the evolving landscape of marketing in an era defined by digital disruption. As technology reshapes consumer behaviors and expectations, CMOs are tasked with navigating unprecedented challenges and opportunities. From leveraging data-driven insights and embracing emerging technologies to fostering authentic brand experiences and driving customer engagement across multiple channels, CMOs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of marketing. Join us as we explore actionable strategies and best practices for CMOs to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to evolving consumer trends, and drive business growth in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. Whether you're a seasoned marketing executive or a rising leader in the field, this keynote offers invaluable insights into succeeding amidst digital disruption

11:45 AM-12:20 PM
Fireside Chat

Strategies for Leveraging Data Analytics in Marketing

CMOs can harness the power of data analytics to optimize marketing campaigns. This session delves into innovative strategies, best practices, and real-world examples, providing a platform for CMOs to share insights on utilizing data-driven approaches for enhanced marketing effectiveness and ROI

In partnership with:

12:20 PM-1:30 PM

Lunch & Disruptor Showcase

1:00 PM-1:15 PM
Lunch & Disruptor Showcase

Revolutionizing Customer Journeys: Advanced Strategies for CMOs to Enhance and Optimize the Customer Experience

As the world continues to shift to an evolving mobile workforce and a digital world, it is crucial for CMOs to prioritize enhancing and optimizing the customer experience. With customers relying heavily on digital channels and remote interactions, the customer experience has become even more critical in driving engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, business growth. CMOs must leverage data analytics, digital technologies, and cross-functional collaboration to develop and execute customer-centric strategies that address evolving customer needs and preferences. By providing a seamless and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints, CMOs can build brand loyalty and trust in a post-pandemic world, driving long-term business success. In today's competitive landscape, the CMOs who successfully prioritize and enhance the customer experience will be the ones who thrive.

1:30 PM-1:45 PM
Vision Voices

Elevate and Captivate: Unleashing Real Estate Marketing Excellence

Step into the realm of Real Estate Marketing excellence in this transformative session focused on improving both efficiency and effectiveness. Dive into innovative strategies that redefine the marketing landscape for real estate professionals, fostering an environment where efficiency meets effectiveness seamlessly. Explore cutting-edge techniques, data-driven insights, and impactful campaigns that promise to elevate your real estate marketing game. Join Michelle Crecca as she shares how to discover the keys to unlocking unparalleled success in the competitive real estate market by optimizing marketing approaches for maximum impact and efficiency.

1:50 PM-2:05 PM

Real People, Real Impact: How to Build Brand Authenticity with Video Marketing

Did you know that 86% of consumers consider authenticity a decisive factor when choosing a brand? Join us to unlock the power of authentic video marketing in driving meaningful connections and brand loyalty. In this session tailored for marketing leaders, PlayPlay’s video marketing expert, Lindsay Parks, will delve into the pivotal role of authenticity in modern marketing.

Discover strategies and real-world examples showcasing how genuine, human-centered video content strengthens brand trust and credibility. Learn to craft engaging videos that resonate with your audience and cultivate brand advocates.

In partnership with:

2:10 PM-2:25 PM
Vision Voices

Investing in Creativity: How to build an in-house agency that delivers real business value

In-house creative teams and agencies are on the rise! And it’s no surprise when you consider how many companies are looking for greater control, agility, and cost-effectiveness in their marketing efforts. But how can in-house agencies be set up to add real, measurable business value and avoid the common pitfalls of being relegated to being a production studio that simply takes orders or becoming a group of divas focused only on creative awards? Creative professionals and marketing executives alike will gain perspective on establishing and leveraging an in-house agency that has the swagger of an agency and the maturity of a corporate strategist.

2:25 PM-2:45 PM

Networking Break

2:45 PM-3:20 PM
Fireside Chat

Unlocking Business Growth: Integrating Employer Branding and Omni-Channel Marketing for Enhanced Customer Experience

In today's dynamic business landscape, marketing executives are leveraging the synergy between employer branding and omni-channel marketing to drive business growth and enhance customer experience. This session will delve into strategic approaches adopted by CMOs to seamlessly integrate employer branding initiatives with omni-channel marketing strategies. From cultivating a compelling employer value proposition to aligning brand messaging across various customer touchpoints, marketing leaders are taking a comprehensive approach to building brand equity and fostering customer loyalty. Join us as we explore how the convergence of employer branding and omni-channel marketing can create a cohesive brand experience that resonates with both employees and customers, ultimately driving long-term business success.

3:25 PM-3:40 PM

Your Sound: A Key Instrument for Marketplace Success

“Your Sound” is a term from jazz music that means having an identifiable voice, style,
or perspective. CMOs use an employer’s brand identity to position products and services in the
marketplace. From a company perspective, identifying and developing “Your Sound” showcases
a distinctive tone, feeling, and rhythm that clients and customers instantly recognize.
Leveraging Your Sound into a unique value proposition can drive long-term business success in
today’s highly competitive and complex environment.

3:40 PM-4:00 PM

Networking Break

4:00 PM-4:35 PM
Fireside Chat

Strategic Insights: Maximizing Revenue Streams through Digital Platform Monetization

Unlock the secrets to turning your digital presence into a lucrative venture with this session tailored for CMOs and marketers. Delve into a comprehensive exploration of diverse revenue models, cutting-edge customer engagement techniques, and data-driven strategies that empower businesses to seamlessly monetize their online platforms. Attendees will walk away with invaluable insights into innovative methods, positioning their brands for sustainable profitability and dynamic growth in the fiercely competitive digital marketplace.

4:35 PM-4:45 PM

Closing Remarks & Raffle Giveaway

5:00 PM-5:30 PM

Cocktail Reception

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